What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing for search engines or search engine optimization. Let`s consider SEO as the Internet.

SEO is a form of online marketing, search engine optimization or search engine marketing is the process of creating the site and its maximum relevancy of content for search engines and users. Successful search engine marketing (SEO, SEM) helps the site to occupy high positions in relevant keywords and phrases in search results.

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Cost of SEO

Internal optimization

  • Internal SEO analysis
  • Formation of semantic kernel
  • Meta tags selection
  • Images optimization
  • Setting up a site map and creating rules to scan for bots
  • Configuring SEO-friendly URLs
  • Internal relink
  • Page load speed optimization
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External optimization

  • SEO audit
  • Formation of the advertising budget
  • Purchase of external links
  • Registration in catalogs
  • Creating and filling accounts in social networks
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika
  • Customizing Google WebMaster and Yandex.WebMaster
  • Quarterly reports
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* - external optimization campaign period 6-24 months

Internal optimization

Internal optimization - a whole range of activities associated with work on the site: from technical specifications to relinking content. It is important to understand that the purpose of internal optimization is to make the most attractive site for bots. Search engines especially interesting in your content and it "usefulness" and tags. Some of them - below.

Title - page name. Search engines pay special attention to this tag. In this tag must enter your keyword, then the search engine will be clear that your site is promoted by keyword, standing in this tag. And Title - is the name of your website, which will be shown in the search results. And of course, the name of the site must be readable and attractive. Then the user will be less temptation to get around your site and go to the side of the competition.

Meta Keywords. In this meta tag we fit your key words, and these words must occur in the text of the page.

Meta Description. In this meta tag written description of your site. Some search engines (Google) shows this text in the form of snippets - of text information called your website. So, here it makes sense to work on the appeal.

Keywords. Each page of the website should contain a maximum of 2 requests page. At best, one request must meet one page.

Also key criterion is usability of your site. Usability (Usability) - is the property of the product be fit for use. How site can be useful for the user? This characteristic is addressed primarily to the live site visitors. As such, search engines do not appreciate it, but it affects the ranking. The higher usability, the more successful your site, the better the product is sold, the higher the traffic, as a result, higher issuance in search engines. Everything is interconnected.

Internal relink - a binding link pages so that all static weight distributed between necessary and priority pages and did not go on unimportant.

Example: in one of the articles you mention the site bike. You can make the word "bicycle" Encore (text links) and refer to another section of your site that is dedicated only to bicycles.

External optimization

External optimization is building of linking mass with optimized text links in the body, which meets the demands under which optimized page where they lead.

Linking mass can be increased by purchasing links, publishing articles with "Flash" in the text links to exchange links and banners. All these require the presence of budget support as well as a specialist who deals with writing articles and sharing links. Increasing the number of external links can be stimulated, that force users to set links to your site.

When reaching a large mass of external links can push even optimized pages, but for low-promotion is necessary to reduce the number of external links and increase their efficiency. Maximum efficiency is achieved when external references strict compliance with text links to those queries for which optimized page.

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