Why conduct a site redesign?

Logical chain decline in sales of goods and services can easily identify: the smaller the attendance statistics of your web resource, the less interest from customers, which leads to loss of balance high performance product promotion in network. What is the reason? First of all, the leading role in positioning your organization play design, which has a powerful visual effect.

Even the most original sites at some point, eventually losing relevance. Redesign - a way to update the company`s image and attract new customers to the project and add the necessary functions which you lacked in the old site. Website redesign - is not only fresh graphic design, but if you want or need, this new technology base - content management system, SEO-optimized kernel to successfully promote your site in search engines.

What "Website redesign" includes?

Development of completely new or partly new design for the site to be developed with the latest technology;

Setting it to old site.

Website redesign

The main reasons for site redesign:

outdated design;

change the image of the company, its merger, division, rebranded;

changing goals and objectives of the site;

increasing the requirements and objectives of the site;

search engine optimization.

Cost of site redesign

Conducting site redesign

If you need a professional site redesign, developed by leading experts who are always ready to come to your rescue. The main thing is just to choose the right company that will deal with assigned tasks. And regardless of whether the planned redesign websites in Lviv, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk or any other city, there is one goal - increasing the efficiency of web resources, which will be 100% meet the requirements. Remember, the more updated design, so it will motivate more customers.